The Inman Aligner

To align front teeth quickly and safely, the Inman Aligner serves several purposes. Often used as a stand-alone orthodontic treatment, it is also a precursor to cosmetic procedures, including bonding and veneers. Even so, some dentists recommend the Inman Aligner for patients experiencing relapse after traditional orthodontic treatments. It’s safe to say—the versatility of the Inman Aligner makes it an appealing option for many. With the ability to address crowding, protrusions, rotations, and crossbites, the Inman Aligner straightens teeth effectively and efficiently.

With nickel titanium coil springs that anchor two aligner bows (one along the front of teeth, and one along the back of teeth), the Inman Aligner applies gentle forces to the upper and lower teeth. To better understand, the two opposing bows generate a “squeeze effect.” The inner bow presses forward. The outer bow presses back. Simultaneously, this encourages teeth to move and shift quickly, with most treatment times ranging from 6-18 weeks.

What To Expect

While a certified Inman Aligner dental professional will give patients healthy, realistic expectations concerning their treatment, here’s what you may expect:

  • Impressions to be taken
  • Fitting
  • To wear the aligner for 16-20 hours per day
  • To visit the dentist every 3 weeks for evaluations
  • To wear a retainer at the conclusion of treatment to prevent teeth from shifting back

When it comes to straightening teeth using the Inman Aligner, there’s no doubt—it is incredibly efficient and is sure to boost every patient’s confidence. Yet, dentists want you to know—straight teeth also are “healthy teeth.” As we age, teeth tend to shift and “crowd” over time. This exposes dentin in certain parts of teeth, and also results in uneven wear of teeth. On the other hand, straight teeth are easier to clean, less likely to wear (due to a healthy bite), and will not press on surrounding teeth.

If you are wondering if the Inman Aligner can straighten your smile, your call is welcome at Marvin Village Dentistry. With Five-Star Comprehensive Dentistry, Dr. Ginger Walford and team take great pride in providing luxurious, friendly, and affordable dentistry that will enhance your smile—and your life. As your Inman Aligner provider, we look forward to meeting you. Call us today. 

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