The Truth About Root Canal Treatment

Having the reputation for being scary and painful, Root Canal Treatments benefit patients by eliminating painful infections in the root of their tooth. Over the past decade, advancements in dentistry have made planning and execution of root canal treatments seamless, predictable, and painless. Even so, dentists want you to know the truth about root canal treatments. Here are few misconceptions to consider:

Root Canal Treatment is painful.

Much of the hype surrounding root canal treatments is based on dated information and methods. Today, however, root canal treatments are comparable to tooth fillings. Great strides in imaging and anesthetics have simplified root canal treatments, leaving many to describe the procedure as painless.

Root Canal Treatment will make you sick.

Though dispelled long ago, internet and social media outlets can give new life to information, even false information. Thus, some continue to believe that there is a connection between root canal treatment and disease in the body. The truth is—there is no scientific basis to this claim. In fact, root canal treatment is purposed to eliminate bacteria, preventing infection, pain, and illness.

It’s better to have your tooth extracted (pulled) than undergo root canal treatment.

Whenever possible, it’s best to preserve as much of the natural tooth structure. Root canal treatment allows this, while extraction requires that the natural tooth be fully replaced. In terms of cost, appearance, and function, root canal treatment has a high success rate.

If you have a root canal procedure coming up, try to resist psyching yourself up about it. Remember—root canal treatments are not painful. They do not make you sick, and they allow a healthy portion of your tooth to remain intact.

At Marvin Village Dentistry, we go to great lengths to rid your tooth of infection as quickly as possible. We hope that you trust the leading-edge qualities of root canal treatments, and the high standard of care we provide. Dr. Walford has performed many root canal treatments, with a proven track record of success and patient satisfaction. Call Marvin Village Dentistry today. You’re in good hands at our practice. 

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