Easing Into Treatment With Sedation Dentistry

Oral health is critical to overall health. Yet, many individuals have intense fears about visiting the dentist, leading them to opt for no treatment at all. If you can relate, you should know that it’s normal to experience some apprehension about dental procedures. In the long run, however, it’ll cause you more pain and frustration to forego seeing your dentist. This is why trusted dental professionals often use Sedation Dentistry. Sedation Dentistry uses medication to help patients ease into treatment.

From a simple cleaning to more invasive treatments, Sedation Dentistry can calm patients and reduce anxiety. Generally, patients remain awake, unless a deeper level of sedation is administered. Depending on the intensity of fear, there are differing levels of sedation used. Minimal sedation relaxes patients, and simply “takes the edge off.” With moderate sedation, patients are awake, but will likely not remember the procedure. Deep sedation is when patients are close to being unconscious, and general anesthesia is when patients are fully unconscious.

Types of Sedation

Inhaled Sedation (nitrous oxide): also known as “laughing gas,” this minimal form of sedation relaxes the patient and wears off quickly. With nitrous oxide, patients may drive themselves home following the procedure.

Oral Sedation: can provide minimal to moderate sedation. This sedation is usually in pill form—similar to Valium. Patients may be relaxed enough to fall asleep during treatment if a moderate dosage is given.

IV Sedation: form of moderate sedation and is continually adjusted by the dentist during treatment.

General Anesthesia: form of deep sedation in which the patient is fully unconscious during the procedure.

Is Sedation Safe?

When given by trusted, reputable dentists, Sedation Dentistry is very safe. However, there are preexisting conditions that may cause sedation to be risky for you. This is why your medical and overall health history must be considered.

At Marvin Village Dentistry, we thoroughly screen patients to determine how and if Sedation Dentistry can benefit them. Based on your health history, we can decide which method is best.

You’ll find that we provide comfortable care, as we walk you through your procedure. After all, your oral health is important to us. Do not let your fear stand in the way. Call us today. 

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